Wednesday, February 09, 2005


One of a Kind Professor

My biology professor's name is Mr.David Cheng and he's about 49 years old. He's slightly bald, short and wears the color black almost exclusively. He teaches introductory biology and well liked by a lot of students. What makes him popular on campus is the way he lectures and the wicked humor he possesses. He never fails to use the world 'die' 'death' or 'dead' in every single lecture no matter what he's explaining. Then he would smile and said 'What a pleasant thought, eh? Death, that's my happy thought for today'. When he was about to talk something particularly difficult to understand, he would repeat 'I warn you. This is crazy. It will make your head explode. You will feel like dying at the end of the lecture' over and over again. Then he would grin and said 'This is not my fault that you don't understand this. It's God's. So blame God, not me'. Today he said something that makes me feel mad..he said eggs are actually part of chicken's piss! Now I remember it when I'm about to eat something made of egg, which is just about almost all of my favorite foods! He's unlike any professor I've ever had and it's a mystery why he's so popular on campus. Do you have expereinces with a weird professor like that? What's the strangest lecture you've ever had in college?

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