Thursday, December 30, 2004


Bad Parents

My parents maybe the world's most idiotic people in the world. I don't say it just because I'm an angry teenager who doesn't have any clue about life. But if you want to meet anyone in real life who is inconsistent, arrogant, impossible, and brainless, you have to see my parents. My parents would do anything to make me feel dissapointed, discouraged, and ignored. My parents are lazy and they ridiculed hard work. I'm so sick of living with them. They don't help me when I need support or advice and when I try to figure things out for myself or ask other people, they even prevent me from doing so! Where do you find parents like that? So why don't you move out, you ask? Yes, it's always on my mind to be independent. But I'm an international student in the United States and I'm not eligible for loans or work permit except for on-campus job which barely covers my college tuition. I've been desperately working hard to start a business online with ebay and other online markets and if thing work out, I might be able to leave my miserable parents and have my own life and freedom.

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