Monday, November 15, 2004


Another great link

A great link to visit if you want to start an online business:
Go here and see


Best new small business links

Sometimes you find a website that doesn't follow the hype and actually offered you informative news on starting a small business online.

One of them is and it is a comprehensive source for someone who wants to start a business. Their free services range from finance to filling legal forms in easy-to-understand format. It is extremely useful for new business owners. Visit them here

Another is a blog and newsletter run by marketing expert Markus Allen. He has an extensive list of news and articles for anyone looking for unbiased business opportunities. It's definitely worth your look. Visit him here

Hope you find them useful. Best wishes.


Blog Reconstruction

I am redesigning my entire blog in a few days using Dreamweaver and Adobe photoshop. I haven't been able to purchase those software programs before so it was a real pain to learn html and the rest for a beginner like me. Lucky for me, my next door neighbor named Roy who is a computer scientist generously upgraded my Windows ME for Windows XP Home edition with bonus softwares worth about $500 for free! I was pleasantly surprised by his kindness. I know if I were to buy these programs myself, I would have to spend a lot of money. Because of him, now I can learn how to design a cool website! So I would like to dedicate this post to my neighbor Roy!

For anyone who visit my blog in the coming weeks, I apologize for the incovenience and I will post updates on my blog while I'm building a new design so come and see what's new anyway. Thanks and enjoy the links!

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