Wednesday, November 10, 2004


Cool Blog templates generator links

I know my blog looks funny and unfinished with cluttered links on the top so I searched google on blogger templates to change the look of my blog layout. I found two amazing websites that offered ready made 2 or 3 column templates that are compliant with blogger, movable type, B2, Wordpress and lets you choose your hosts Diaryland and Diary-x. If you are a beginner at blogs who wants a neat layout, I recommend you visit visit erisfree here

Another cool template designer is Fird-0-matic and you can visit here and see It's a free online tool that geneates two or three column layouts with the final code delivered to you. I hope you enjoyed these links.

I still need to organize my links after I change my template layout. I appreciate your patience. Meanwhile, if you have any suggestions or just want to comment, you are welcome to do so. Thank you and I appreciate it.

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