Sunday, November 07, 2004


Updated version!

Well, did you notice anything different lately? That's right folks! I updated my blog. I downloaded this text based design from and while it doesn't look fancy, I still think it's decent and simple. Anyway, I'm amazed by how many people are catching the wave of blog revolution and some are making incredible amount of money writing about their hobby. There are also a number of books on marketing your blogs, creative ideas for blogs, advertising etc.

Here are two cool blogs I found today. I found one of them through just random surfing and if you are a blogger looking for some thoughtful articles about blogging, you should definitely go here and see

Also, here is a condensed blog run by a guy named Dave Pollard and he wrote for and his blog is pretty crowded with a lot of links but he did a good research on blogging and wrote about blogging business, you can go visit him here

I should be posting new articles and links soon. So come and check back soon.

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